Lori A. Lilly works on behalf of environmental solutions to pressing water quality and watershed issues, particularly the control and elimination of non-stormwater or illicit discharges. Illicit discharges hinder the achievement of clean water goals despite being one of the most cost effective best management practices. By eliminating this ubiquitous source of pollution, communities can make significant strides towards cleaner, healthier waters.

Lori has a strong commitment and support for grassroots efforts that work towards environmental and social change. Lori works with community groups, watershed associations and local leaders to achieve collective goals. This commitment is illustrated through her personal leadership and community involvement in Howard County, MD. She is fortunate to live with her husband and two kids in a sustainable living environment at the Howard County Conservancy.


Lori provides the following services with a flexible rate schedule.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) services including: Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit compliance, program evaluation and development, outfall field screening, source-tracking, illicit discharge nutrient load estimation, staff training, pollution prevention and integration of IDDE with citizen water monitoring programs.
Small watershed protection and restoration planning including stakeholder outreach; stream, neighborhood and hotspot assessments; project prioritization;action planning and implementation assistance.
Local government and watershed organization capacity building including training and workshops, program development and water monitoring.
Grant writing assistance for environmental projects and programs. Lori has a career track record for receipt of over two million dollars for environmental projects, program and staffing.


Feel free to e-mail Lori at lorililly@gmail.com or call 503-791-8405 for information regarding services provided, project ideas or collaborations.

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